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Company registration
act as agent and keep account
Industrial and commercial change
intellectual property right
The first step of registering a company, first verify the company name
Online kernel name
Online kernel name
Online kernel name
Verification code
 Change Image
What is the difference between the registered capital

Generally, companies cancel the restrictions on the registered capital. As long as the company's articles of association do not stipulate the minimum capital limit, the capital verification report is no longer required.

How much to fill in the registered capital
The service industry is generally 500000-1 million, and the construction industry is 5-10 million

Which industries need to pay for capital verification
The paid in registered capital is still required for the registration of 27 industries, and the subscribed registration is implemented for 24 industries
What is the subscription system
The registered capital does not need to be paid in, so it is easier to start a business
Company registration process
Nuclear name
Within 1 hour
Within 1 hour
make file
Within 1 day
3-5 working days
Submit registration
Registration complete
Business license
One original and one copy
official seal
One public and private seal
Articles of Association
Articles of association and tax instructions
Registration can be completed on the same day as soon as possible
Registration will be completed
Global intellectual property

international mark

Trademark registration in the United States, Canada and the European Union

 Copyright services

Copyright registration 

Chinese Trademark

 Trademark registration in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China

patent application

Application for appearance patent, invention patent and utility model patent at home and abroad

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